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            Alicia Lobo is starring in  "Hola, no me líes", the first show she has written and directed, on June 21st at Cinesa Fuencarral (Madrid), August 23rd at Eixample Teatre (Barcelona) and November 10th in Bilborock, (Bilbao). She sold out her last gigs in Madrid in September,  October, December, January, Februrary and April and in Logroño in December!

          Tickets at

         She has performed in "Speaking sunlight" with Carmen Machi and Karra Elejalde. It opened on September 22nd.  We can also see her in"La mujer dormida" that opened on May 31st in theatres, directed by Laura Alvea, starring Almudena Amor and Javier Rey. 

        She has appeared in various TV shows like Entrevías, El Escándalo, En El Corredor de la Muerte, Desaparecidos, Vergüenza, Refugees, Amar es para siempre, Ciega a Citas, Yo soy Bea, among others.

         Alicia performed last year in the musical "Antoine", (Max Award for best musical 2021). 

          She studied Drama at William Layton and several dance disciplines at different dance centres in Madrid. She also studied Drama with Philippe Gaulier (London) and later was a Fulbright Scholar in New York, studying at HB Studio and with the LABrynth Theatre Company.

         She has an ACE Award (Show business Reporters Association of NY) and an ATI Award (Independent Theatre Association) for her theatre roles. She also starred with the HB Company as Olga in Three Sisters by Chekhov and had a leading role in the film The Acceptance.        

         She has native Spanish and English (American and RP pronunciation) and also speaks French and Italian. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

          She's also a voice over talent and performs Stand Up comedy to monetize the absurd moments life gives her.

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